5 Steps to Becoming a Front-End Web Developer

Front-End Web Developer is responsible for creating and designing the user interface for websites. They work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other front-end technologies. They create a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for website visitors. A variety of front-end development tools are available, such as web browsers, development environments, and front-end libraries.

There is no specific educational requirement for becoming a front-end web developer. Most employers expect candidates to have a degree in computer science or a related field. Many online courses are available that teach front-end development skills. In addition, many developers learn by practicing regularly. These languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the base of a front-end web developer.

Becoming a front-end web developer can be an advantageous career choice. In this article, we will provide you with the necessary steps to get started as a front-end web developer.

Step 1: Learn the Basics

Before you can start building websites and web applications, you need to understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Start by reading up on these technologies and then practice coding by creating simple websites on your own. If you are ready to take your front-end development skills to the next level, you can consider attending a front-end development course.

There are many online courses available on the internet, some are free and some are paid. I’ll recommend you to go for a paid course if you want to get a job in this field. Try http://www.udemy.com this is the best website for learning as per my experience.

Once you have a good understanding of the basics, you can start learning more advanced front-end development concepts. Try learning about responsive design and cross-browser compatibility.

Step 2: Get Experience

Once you have a good understanding of all the basic coding in HTML, CSS, and JS (JavaScript), the next step is to get experience building real-world dynamic and responsive websites. Start developing your website. Design and develop very simple websites. You can create your portfolio in which you can add the pictures that you have clicked and you can add some posts in that about yourself like an introduction. Just make it clean and simple.

After making one or two websites on your own you’ll gain some confidence and a lot of things. You’ll know about how websites are designed and developed and how to upload your website on the internet. You’ll understand the whole process of making the websites to uploading them by taking a web hosting service and by choosing a perfect domain for your website.

Step 3: Practice, Practice, and Practice

Yes, this is the step where you only have to practice because practice makes a man perfect. So if you want to be a perfectionist in your work then please don’t skip this step. You only need at least 2-3 hours daily for up to one month. You’ll think one month is a long time but no it’s not a long time if you love what you are doing. So just be patient and keep practicing by making more websites.

Step 4: Learn the Frameworks

This is the very important step in this process but most people skip this step because they think they know everything after making 2-3 websites and they start searching for jobs out of 10 people 2 will get the job and the 8 people they’ll quit saying this is not for them and start doing some other things. This is the hard truth and I’ve seen these kinds of people. And the 2 people who got the job they’ll learn one framework within a few months and it’s because of the pressure in the IT field to secure their jobs.

Anyways, if you want the best career in Front-End Web Development trust me and learn any JavaScript framework from these – Angular JS, React JS, Vue.js, Ember JS. If you are confused about which one to pick then I’ll recommend you to start with React JS because I found it easier for me to learn this framework. React is a JavaScript library, not a framework but it is now being used as a framework in our IT Industries. It’s so powerful and developed by Facebook itself so it’s so popular too.

If you have practiced JavaScript well enough, it’ll be easy for you, but if your concepts aren’t cleared yet, you have to clear them before learning these frameworks.

Step 5: Develop an App or Website

This is the final step to becoming a pretty good Front-End Web Developer. Trust me, if follow these above steps without skipping anyone then you are already a Front-End Web Developer but just a little bit of garnishing left. So in this step, you have to make an app or a website on your own without asking for help and you have to use the framework now. For example, if you have learned React JS then you have to make your app or website in that framework. This app/website should be fully functional and responsive because this is the project you have to show to the interviewer what you are capable of.

You can choose easy projects that take less time and less coding like To-Do lists, Calculator, Photo Gallery, Small Online shops, etc. And remember this app/website is your showcase so you have to style it attractive yet easy to understand and have a clean look.


  • Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Try to make a website on your own.
  • Practice more and more.
  • Learn one JavaScript framework.
  • Make one fully functional project using that framework.
  • Search for a Front-End Web Developer job.
  • Thank me later.

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